lyndsay & max

I was so happy to take photos of these two very special souls while I was back in Nebraska for ~1.5 months visiting Joe and I’s families. We lucked out with a warm and golden day (few and far between for midwesterners in summer, typically sweating buckets on an August day), and a relatively quiet night at Pioneers Park. I was really hoping to capture the real moments between these two, as they are such genuine hearts themselves, as they prepare for the ups and downs and hills and valleys of parenthood.

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now booking spring / summer 2020!

Let’s shoot! I still have spots available beginning in March through Summer 2020 – email me at for more information on investment and packages.

50 books

I’m chipping away at a 50 book challenge this year and so far I’ve had my nose in everything from Zen Buddhism, dystopian fiction, femme essay-writing, lgbtq poetry, historical + psychological nonfiction + even the kinfolk cookbook. I’m eager to continue expanding my mind in many many areas and I truly feel the more I learn the more ignorant I feel. So much to know and never enough hours in the week, but I’m finding joy in the simplicity of awareness and peace in the chaotic realities of the world, I’m being kinder to myself, and allowing knowledge and understanding to come in whatever form it chooses. you can follow along my book journey on goodreads >


perpetually waiting 2+ hours in line on a saturday to have brunch at this coveted spot. oddfellows is one of the first cafes I visited when in Seattle for the first time – picking out our little 1 bedroom apartment in Queen Anne and not knowing at all what the next years would hold. It has a special place in my heart not only for the delicious egg sandwiches, but also because it signifies this monumental leap of faith of uprooting and moving to the west coast.

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alli + nic

Alli & Nic’s wedding was tucked in the heart of the Bitterroot National Forest, Montana on a beautiful Airbnb property with two cabins and a walkaround pond. We drove all the way from Seattle, only stopping to stretch our legs and stock up on extra memory cards, and arrived at the venue late in the night. When we arrived, they let us fill our plates with leftover pork chops and mashed potatoes and I immediately felt so much warmth and love.

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